The light and healthy EVO oil, perfect for children: discover Crescimi

Crescimi extra virgin olive oil has a very particular history: it is the story of little Andrea.

Before the Bio culture became a brand that can be used on the markets, family-run farms have always paid close attention to the foods produced which were the first to end up on the table of their children.

The history of Crescimi olive oil is precisely the result of a company awareness and a family wisdom that only they, those who work the land for generations, have brought with them naturally without having to chase marketing strategies.

From the table of little Andrea to that of all the families

In the early years Andrea grew up with family oil, as is natural for it to happen. Hence the idea of creating a superior quality olive oil expressly for children; an extra virgin olive oil that provides antioxidants, essential fats and vitamins for the growth of children.

The process was long and complex and required intense research for the development of a product that is particularly suitable for weaning children. And obviously Andrea was needed.

Crescimi is 100% derived from the Minucciola cultivar, it includes the same types of production as all the Arcangelo extra virgin oils, that is, with the hand picking of the olives and the cold pressing carried out on the same day. In this way all the organoleptic properties are maintained unaltered from the olive to the bottle, bringing to the table a product of excellence, with a bold taste and an almond aftertaste that goes well with the taste of the little ones.

Andrea followed the entire path of research for Crescimi oil and was the first sommelier. Today the Arcangelo Crescimi olive oil label bears the design of little Andrea, thus closing the circle of an oil that has literally “grown” together with its creator.