Adopt an olive tree from the Sorrento Peninsula

Adopt an olive tree from the Sorrento Peninsula

He lives in us with his mature light and among the goods of the earth I make mine, o Oil, your inexhaustible peace, your green essence, your full treasure that descends from thesources of the olive tree.

By adopting anolive tree from the Sorrento Peninsula you will contribute to enhance and safeguard the territorial resources, the history, the tradition and the culture of the territory itself.  

Adopting a tree means protecting and relaunching the cultivation of the olive tree in a particularly difficult production reality and you will help protect the rural area.

Above all, however, you will have the opportunity to receive extra virgin olive oil from your tree directly to your home wherever you are in the world, a few days after the harvest.

L’Arcangelo puts its centuries-old olive trees at your disposal to be adopted: thanks to the passion and cultivation traditions consolidated over time, the L’Arcangelo company manages to guarantee a high quality product and at the same time to safeguard the typical terraces of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Choose your tree, give it a name, watch it grow, produce and you can reap the benefits.

It can also be an original gift to make to a friend who, like you, loves nature and typical quality products

Olio di oliva penisola sorrentina
Olio di oliva penisola sorrentina

Silvotherapy, better known as Abbraccio therapy, has always been known as one of the most important and well-known anti-stress.

All of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced the wonderful feeling of hugging a tree. It is a primordial instinct that we feel very strong, especially as children, even if as we age the need to let ourselves go to this spontaneous union with nature is decreasing more and more. You want for social etiquette, you want because we lose the ability to dream, you want for our rhythms of life, in modern society embracing trees is considered a typical action of children, and not something natural and perfectly acceptable.

Silvotherapy can actually improve our health. To be honest, you don’t even have to hug a tree to see the many benefits that derive from it, you just need to be surrounded by trees and plants in general.

The vibrational properties of trees and plants have direct effects on our health. The benefits of olive trees include, among other things, their positive influence in treating depression, improving concentration levels and the ability to relieve migraines. This practice has been going on since ancient times, so it is not a new discovery at all, but a scientific confirmation of what we had already experienced firsthand.

If you want or have dreamed of doing this from today you can, you just have to join our project.


How adoption:

  • You will be able to choose your tree after having consulted the photos we will send you. Your name and the one you have chosen for your tree will be affixed to the trunk.
  • You can visit the company and embrace your olive tree whenever you want (by reservation).
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in the olive harvest and to attend all stages of production, from harvesting to pressing (with a two-week notice).
  • Harvesting normally takes place between the end of September and the end of October and once the oil is crushed, after milling, natural settling and bottling your oil will be ready to be sent to your home.
  • The signing of the distance adoption contract provides for the shipment of 12 50cl bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sorrento Peninsula, with a personalized label bearing the name of the tree and the name of the adopter.
  • The cost is € 290.00 per year.

Adopt an olive tree from the Sorrento Peninsula

Contact us to immediately receive all the information to adopt your olive tree.