The 5 simple and tasty recipes to make with the Arcangelo Peninsula EVO oil

Olive oil is the basis of the whole Mediterranean diet and its scrumptious dishes. But its value is enhanced in the preparation of simple dishes to prepare. Here are 5 recipes that enhance the Arcangelo of the Sorrento Peninsula with EVO oil.

In the Mediterranean diet, oil is used in all its possibilities, as a base for creamy compositions, up to its use as a condiment to be added cold. Its function is to amalgamate the various ingredients and act as a natural balance between the various flavors present in Mediterranean cuisine, emphasizing the more nuanced ones and softening the more marked ones.

Such an important role cannot be entrusted to any oil.  Here are 5 recipes that enhance the Arcangelo of the Sorrento Peninsula with EVO oil.

  1. Spaghetti with garlic and oil

This cannot be the first choice for this list of simple dishes that are enhanced by the use of a superior quality oil. Quick to prepare, they are appreciated precisely for the quality of the products used, from the pasta to the garlic, then adding a spoonful of the EVO Sorrentine Peninsula the L’arcangelo oil.

  1. Caprese

A great protagonist of the summer tables of all Italians, the salad that takes its name from the island of Capri off the Sorrentine Peninsula, brings patriotic colors and the flavor of Campania to the table. Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil for a fresh, simple recipe that everyone loves, from children to adults.

  1. Spaghetti with clams

This recipe is popular in restaurants for tourists, not only for those who may seem unaccustomed to eating seafood, but it also remains one of the simplest dishes to prepare. The only recommendation is not to fail in the careful choice of clams and the use of an EVO olive oil.

  1.  Broccoli and sausage

This is another typical recipe of the Sorrento Peninsula, especially of the tradition of the peninsular hinterland, between Ravello and Scala. Broccoli and sausage can be used to garnish a first course, or to prepare a tasty second course that lends itself to any season in its many variations.

  1. The bruschetta

The recipe from the transversal tradition on the entire boot, bruschetta remains the simplest dish with the easiest preparation, even if it can be evolved with complex sophistication to become gourmet. At the base, however, there is always the exceptional nature of homemade bread and EVO olive oil, the Arcangelo of the Sorrento Peninsula.