From the earth to the family, to your table: the EVO oil the Arcangelo

From the land of the Russo family to your table – To succeed in its mission, the Arcangelo EVO oil is enriched with five different products suitable for all families and for all tables.

From the hills of Vico Equense, hoisted on the slopes of the Sorrento Peninsula, we want to bring our oil to the tables of all families. This is the mission of the Russo family, producers of extra virgin olive oil for three generations with the Arcangelo EVO oil.

The five different Arcangelo products demonstrate how the love for the land, the research and innovation carried out in the area can give life to products that differ in the market area. The type and reference target always stays unchanged with the high quality of EVO oil from the Sorrento Peninsula.


  • Arcangelo DOP Sorrento Peninsula

The Arcangelo DOP takes its name from the founder of the farm which owes the care of the olive groves of the Sorrento Peninsula, continued today by the new generations, and which maintains the intense and full-bodied flavor of the Minucciola cultivar.

  • Eccolo!

Obtained from the centuries-old olive trees of the now rare Itrana Gentile cultivar, here it is! it is the result of over ten years of experimentation by the Arcangelo, transforming an ancient quality of table olives into an oil with an extraordinary stamp.

  • Crescimi

A unique product of its kind: an oil created especially for the little ones, suitable for weaning children and highly digestible. Originally created in the family for little Andrea, the oil was developed under the guidance of pediatric nutritionists, obtaining a product that has so far not existed on the Italian and foreign market.

  • Babbo (Dad)

A strong, decisive character, but at the same time complex and full of flavors. An oil that can never be completely defined, always leaving the pleasure of rediscovering it with each new taste. Bottled with original packaging or created packaging, this oil presents itself as the “father” of all seasons. 

  • L’Arcangelo

The extra virgin olive oil created to find the intense yellow of the fantastic sunsets of the Sorrento Peninsula on the table every day.