Because the climate makes the difference in the collection and production of extra virgin olive oil

The production and harvesting process of extra virgin olive oil has been developing for centuries along the Mediterranean coasts, but even here there are some exceptional microclimatic differences. Like those of the Sorrento peninsula.

The Mediterranean climate is the most suitable for the cultivation of olives and extra virgin olive oil, as it has an optimal climatic condition for the growth and development of the plant. But also on the coasts of Mare Nostrum there are areas of exceptional peculiarity that make the product unique and inimitable.

From Syria to Morocco, from Algeria to Spain, extra virgin olive oil has always found the Mediterranean climate as its main ally for the production of rich and luxuriant olive groves. The Mediterranean also provided the first logistics platform for the oil trade, furrowed since ancient times by boats loaded with oil-filled amphorae, as evidenced by the numerous underwater finds found.

It is no coincidence then that Italy has always been the country with the greatest variety and quality for extra virgin olive oil: hoisted in the middle of the Mediterranean, it not only enjoys the best geographical exposure, but also of a very fortunate geological condition.

The exception of the DOP extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento peninsula

Peninsula in the peninsula, the territory that stretches right into the heart of the Gulf of Campania is truly a particularity in the exceptional geographical situation of the Mediterranean.

The presence of the reliefs of the Lattari Mountains and the microclimate of the gulf create an extremely favorable condition for the development of the olive groves, which can benefit from the torrid heat by minimizing the side effects, such as primarily the summer “fly” or the sudden frosts.

However, man has earned this production outpost over the centuries with tenacity and strength: the terraced olive groves in the Sorrento peninsula and which allow today to have a remarkable production even in such a small cultivable space, are the fruit centuries of work and a refined engineering and agricultural knowledge.

Today, companies such as L’Arcangelo operating in this area are increasingly oriented towards the cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil carried out according to the same criteria of antiquity, harvesting olives exclusively by hand. To give a product that, today as then, is still unique in the world.