Antioxidants, vitamins and essential fats: all the beneficial properties of EVO oil

The beneficial properties of Evo oil are universally recognized and constitute the main backbone of the Mediterranean diet, known worldwide for being healthy and balanced.

EVO oil landed on the shores of the Mediterranean after being introduced by the Middle Eastern civilizations. It has been transported and marketed since the time of the Phoenicians and Etruscans, and bringing, since then, to our tables a varied and well balanced diet for the health of our body.

The biochemical composition of Evo oil is a complex of substances essential for our body, which today has become even more precious than in the past. While in the past, poor nutrition could make people prefer alternative foods to olive oil, such as butter, loaded with essential fats to put on “weight”, today in the diet of developed countries this need has completely declined and they are preferred by far saturated fat free foods.

The comparison in this sense is quickly made: the presence of saturated fats in butter is 4 times higher than in Evo oil, and this although olive oil has higher calories than butter.

But the main difference lies in the cholesterol that is present in butter, being an animal fat, and instead it is completely absent in Evo oil, which is a vegetable fat.

Antioxidants and vitamins for healthy eating

The vitamin composition of Evo oil sells a good concentration of vitamin K, a molecule that intervenes in the process of blood coagulation and in strengthening bones.

Another vitamin present in a significant proportion of extra virgin olive oil is vitamin E. Benefits from this vitamin,

Polyphenols, however, are molecules with antioxidant properties, particularly effective and present in large quantities in vegetable oils. An extra virgin olive oil must contain at least 100 mg of polyphenols for each gram of oil.

The function of these antioxidants is to protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases; also it encourages hair growth and promotes anti-aging elements that slow down aging.