DOP extra virgin olive oil: discover the excellence of the Arcangelo

From the Minucciola cultivar comes one of the most precious olive oils of Campania, through the work of the Russo family that has lasted for three generations. The Arcangelo oil has preserved all the taste of the land of the Sorrento Peninsula.

The Arcangelo extra virgin olive oil DOP comes from afar, reflected in its outstanding flavor from the first taste. Our olive oil is spiced with notes of unripe rosemary and tomato, a harmony of herbs, field thistle and black pepper with a sweet almond finish. Arcangelo DOP oil is bitter, with a spicy aftertaste that enhances its purity.

The heart of this union of flavors is the olives of the Minucciola cultivar, the most representative variety of cultivar in the Sorrento Peninsula. The Production Regulations set the maximum production of olives at 90 quintals per acre, with a yield that varies between 12 and 18%.   

But one of the secrets of the Arcangelo extra virgin olive oil DOP is enclosed in the type of olive harvest, made entirely by hand and pressed within 12 hours of harvest. This allows preservation of all the organoleptic properties present in the fruit, transferring them to high quality oil, with a golden yellow color and a pinchy aftertaste.